Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why Do the Good Die Young? :(

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Sorry bout the sad post title guys. But one of my friends died this morning around 12:18 a.m., only 16 years old, i think while coming back from homecoming. Headin to his candle lighting right now so of course ill see his mom. Thought it was all a joke. No parent should ever be able to bury their child. Shows that death can happen to anyone; female, male, young, or old. Doesnt matter. If anyones interested on reading an article on it, heres one link, and here's another. Just thought i'd share my thoughts & feelings on here today since i always see everyone else do it hah. Just make sure you drive safe out there and hope everyone's alright. Stay safe. Im out, going to the candle ceremony right now :( Peace.

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Jonathan said...

im sorry for your lost, just keep the good memories you shared with him alive

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