Saturday, November 28, 2009


Natacha Marro's heel-Less Red Glitter Mary Janes
Only 10 made! Anyways, i dont know how women would walk like... dont you NEED a heel? Anyone with me on this? lol.
BUT, how was everyone's Thanksgiving!? I was stuffed for sure, but I tried to limit myself cause I had a tournament the next day, which was yesterday. I still ate alot tho cause im like.. 4lbs under lol! Im thankful for a lot of things, too much to name haha. Surely thankful for everyone I have in my life, the people who brought me down too, cause that made me who I am today, and im straight! haha and definitely thankful for God. Soooo, anyone had a good & successful Black Friday? Honestly, why do they even call it Black Friday? I definitely have no clue.. I think it should be Happy Friday cause of all the sales! haha. I wanna see what you guys say first. Mines was alright, kinda missed the "big sales" in the morning according to my mom, cause of my tournament :( lol. But i still gotta few things, not too many because im kinda gonna wait for Christmas to come around so i can buy more stuff i guess, cause im thinking there gonna have more sales?... Right? lol. Cant wait to get my new laptop! Haven't had one in like...8 months! lol. Been using this bummy ass computer my aunt gave me the minute my laptop broke, but its all goooood haha.
hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving. And remember, the meaning of the holiday is in the name, not the food. Peace.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feels Like I'm in the Ocean

The Aqua Tower by Studio Gang Architects

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Somethin' Good is Coming to My Life

House in Dominican Republic by A-cero Architecture

Higher Than a Ceiling

Oaza Zdravlja Pharmacy by Karim Rashid

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Still Ice In My Crosses, Keep It Christian

H&M Holiday 2009 | Sean O'Pry & Jon Kortajarena

Sunday, November 15, 2009

We Can Still Touch the Sky

Chris Brown - Crawl [Music Video]

Love this song. Chris is my favorite singer. Not afraid to say that. Although, I DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT, approve of what he did lol. But if everyone looks past it, i think everyone forgot how great Chris Brown really is with music. He can dance & sing, i find him very talented. Cant wait for the album Graffiti to drop in stores on December 8th. Make sure you go get it.

Why Do the Good Die Young? :(

XLarge 2009 Winter Collection Lookbook
Sorry bout the sad post title guys. But one of my friends died this morning around 12:18 a.m., only 16 years old, i think while coming back from homecoming. Headin to his candle lighting right now so of course ill see his mom. Thought it was all a joke. No parent should ever be able to bury their child. Shows that death can happen to anyone; female, male, young, or old. Doesnt matter. If anyones interested on reading an article on it, heres one link, and here's another. Just thought i'd share my thoughts & feelings on here today since i always see everyone else do it hah. Just make sure you drive safe out there and hope everyone's alright. Stay safe. Im out, going to the candle ceremony right now :( Peace.


Nicholas Kirkwood Spring 2010

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Watch My Shoes

Air Jordan VI Retro - White/Black - Detailed Look
Love this new colorway. Word has it that these will be a March 2010 release for around the price $150. Hope i have enough money by then cause my parents think its ridiculous to buy shoes for that much money so they never lend me money to buy SHOES for that price but, idc lol. Thats what good shoes & style cost to me so its all good. Cant wait till that one day when i have a huge collection like some celebrities do lol.