Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was disappointed as i was watching the FIFA Confederations Cup finals between USA & Brazil. USA had the game 2-0, then they just gave the game away and Brazil took over. In the second half, Brazil came back with 3 goals! Final score was 3-2. Of course i wanted Brazil to win, but its just sad how USA handed the game over lol.

Air Yeezy's

Nike Air Yeezy's are part of Kanye West's and Nikes's team up together. These shoes are so hot right now. Im sure everyone wants a pair!! My least favorite are the zen gray/charcoal colorway. 2nd favorite are the tan ones. Then, the one i like most are the black/pink ones. These kicks even glow in the dark! Check them out. The price now is outrageous. I shuda copped em when they first came out, the retail was $215. Look into these, and see if you like them. I guarantee you will!

Nike SB Blue Lobsters

So the regular (not Concepts) Nike SB Blue Lobsters just dropped today at a close by nike SB retailer by me. I heard there were people sleeping outside starting from last night. I havent seen them in person yet, but i am hoping to do so. In my opinion, the OG red lobsters are way better. I dont like the neon laces the blue lobsters originally come with, but as usual. Nike SB throws in a extra pair of laces. With this shoe, they give you some white laces. I'd still say these shoes are cool. Im thinkin of getting em, but i dont know yet. I have seen pics on ebay, and the shoes look like there not my style of color. There is another rumor about yellow lobsters coming out... not sure, but i'll look into that. Maybe you heard too, who knows lol. Aight, peace.