Saturday, November 28, 2009


Natacha Marro's heel-Less Red Glitter Mary Janes
Only 10 made! Anyways, i dont know how women would walk like... dont you NEED a heel? Anyone with me on this? lol.
BUT, how was everyone's Thanksgiving!? I was stuffed for sure, but I tried to limit myself cause I had a tournament the next day, which was yesterday. I still ate alot tho cause im like.. 4lbs under lol! Im thankful for a lot of things, too much to name haha. Surely thankful for everyone I have in my life, the people who brought me down too, cause that made me who I am today, and im straight! haha and definitely thankful for God. Soooo, anyone had a good & successful Black Friday? Honestly, why do they even call it Black Friday? I definitely have no clue.. I think it should be Happy Friday cause of all the sales! haha. I wanna see what you guys say first. Mines was alright, kinda missed the "big sales" in the morning according to my mom, cause of my tournament :( lol. But i still gotta few things, not too many because im kinda gonna wait for Christmas to come around so i can buy more stuff i guess, cause im thinking there gonna have more sales?... Right? lol. Cant wait to get my new laptop! Haven't had one in like...8 months! lol. Been using this bummy ass computer my aunt gave me the minute my laptop broke, but its all goooood haha.
hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving. And remember, the meaning of the holiday is in the name, not the food. Peace.


MalibuMara said...

i saw these,
i want them but i would die walking in them

MalibuMara said...

oh about diggy we're just cool,
we never met in person but we video chat and email
we have a bond over our fashion and creativity lol,
maybe one day we will meet in person but we havent yet.

Marissa said...

i dont know if i can walk in these, lol. i like your blog. im following you plz do the same

Fashion Wh0re said...

These are Dope but i don't think i could walk in these

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