Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gotta Stay Supersized

XLarge 2010 Spring Collection
FORTUNATELY & UNFORTUNATELY, I didn't go to practice today cause of my lame ass mom >:|! Gotta get my grades up but, i know she'll let me go back by tomorrow! haha. Anyways on the good side, I gotta chance to do a post today! ANDDDD its with FASHION! lol. Haven't done one of these in a WHILEEE! But, here ya go lol. I like the jackets, seem like somethin i would wear. Anyways, I guess ima go look for more stuff to post now lol. PEACE :P


alisha said...

the fred flinstone shirt is off the hook!

mr.swagga said...

wow man this line is crazy ! ive never heard of it though thanksz imma try to get something from here soon though

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