Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Watch My Shoes

Air Jordan VI Retro - White/Black - Detailed Look
Love this new colorway. Word has it that these will be a March 2010 release for around the price $150. Hope i have enough money by then cause my parents think its ridiculous to buy shoes for that much money so they never lend me money to buy SHOES for that price but, idc lol. Thats what good shoes & style cost to me so its all good. Cant wait till that one day when i have a huge collection like some celebrities do lol.


Neesh B Fly said...

Are you Kidding These are a Must get man i will be getting a pair soon as they drop ..yeah i got alot of kicks i'm tryna have my room looking like champs or some shit when i get done..Man can't wait till these come out

Jonathan said...

lol these are hot im getting my hands on those there sick i love the colorway! i hope you save enough money to get em

kidpaul said...

Neesh; im witchu on that Champs shit haha.
Jonathan; yea me too haha.

they usually always lend me money, most of the time specificcally lunch money for school.. but i save that. i never tell em ima get a shoe for 150 or something, i always lie and i say i bought it for 100 or someshit haha.

Jonathan said...

niceeee, mines is

johnnosaurjr its gayer than yours lol i need to make a new 1

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