Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hottest in the Hood, Freshest On the Block

Juelz Santana - Back to the Crib (feat. Chris Brown) [Behind the Scenes]

Check out some behind the scenes footage from Juelz Santana's new song "Back To The Crib" which also features Chris Brown. J.D. talks to Juelz about fashion, his thoughts on Beanie Sigel's recent complaints and then catches up to Juelz and Jim Jones in the dressing room where the two tell us what it takes for a lady to make it into one of their videos. Part 2 featuring some surprise guests coming right up!!!

If they get any other videos, which i think is what theyre tryna say lol, ill be putting it on this same post. So if your interested in seeing more, keep checking back daily. Ill just put it under a section UPDATE (whatever date it is lol). Like they say on TV, stay tuned!!


Jonathan said...

um hes one of them, what about you he yours?

Jonathan said...

yeah lupe is deff hot not to big on ti he's good tho, you have an aim? you seem pretty chill

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