Thursday, December 17, 2009


Ok guys, so I think I should change my blog up a little... but I dont know how! I kinda wanta new layout, a new NAME for the blog DEFINITELY, and dont worry.. header's prob comin sooon lol. Just help me out on a couple new names for the blog if you think the one i have now, The Hype Is Crazy, is wack haha. You all should know by now what i blog about soooo yup. I'm also thinking of re-doing my layout again, idk, this black & blue is getting boring lol. Gimme suggestions and ill consider the one's i find interesting. Thanks, peace.
Cant wait til Christmas! (:

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MalibuMara said...

yea i do lol,
i think with the changes more people will read it,
its like alot of the blogs i see are copied from kanye west or high snobiety and you always have some art or something that i havent seen,

but yea a new header or layout,
i like the name of it, keep that!

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