Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Think I Got the Flu, or Do I Not?

Alright guys, how ya been? Im good, i been good lol. Gotta question for yall though. Which one of these Jordan's do you prefer? Im gonna get one of them by next week so help me out PLEASEEE.

Air Jordan 12 Retro "Flu Game"

Air Jordan 12 Retro - White/Varsity Red
I like them both obviously, so thats why im asking you guys lol. I need help deciding.
OPINIONS PLEASEEE!!! Its okay to comment if you dont like neither & suggest another shoe haha.

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Tommy The Fashionist said...

love the first shoe a lil better than the second one dope blog keep it up check out my blog and please follow me tommythefashionist.blogspot.colm

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