Monday, August 24, 2009


HOW WAS EVERYONES FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL??... and for those of you that didnt start school yet... tell me bout it when it comes lol. Wellllll, mines was pretty good, especially that it was my first day in HIGHSCHOOL! =] haha. But i got lost so many times, i was like "OH SHIT, im goin the wrong way" lol, then my friends would call me a dumass haha. But its straight. I saw maaadddd shoes i wanted. I said to myself "lucky ass sons of b****es" haha. I guess you could say i was jealous haha. And all these dumb teachers are given me binders and shit to get and wont accept regular folders!, dont they know i gotta stay freshhh? lol =D. So annoying. But still happy as hell to be in highschool finally and get on with my life lol. Well im done here sooo, have a nice day everyone lol. Peaceee!


Zionna said...

i know im late i just wanted 2 post the song any way lol

mr.swagga said...

lol hey your school is awsome looking my looks like a prison!!lmao any way mines is tomorro and imma be a freshman ill finish tomorro iight peace.

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