Sunday, August 23, 2009

School... Already?

Well guys, as you can already tell from the title.. my school starts tomorrow (Monday, August 24). Kinda excited i guess... cause its my first day of highschool or whatever lol. But yea, kinda glad to go back, see some friends i havent seen over the summer and stuff like that. DEFINITELY not excited bout the work thats coming my way lol, but gotta live with it. And having all this school stuff said, that obviously means i wont be able to blog as much =[... i think lol. I might have some time after school to come on and blog.. thats if im not tired lol. But i bet i can on the first few days because usually homework isnt given out that much on the first few days of school. So thats a good thing. Ill let everyone know how my day went, if i was nervous, excited, happy, sad, etc. Lol you get the point sooo... GOOD LUCK to everyone on their school year this year, get good grades, make the right choices, pick the right friends and crowd to chill with. And remember, STAY IN SCHOOL! haha. Thats what everyone says so im just passin the message along haha. Sooo, thats about it. Just keep following me cause i promise, just cause schools starting, doesnt mean ill be slackin on this blog haha. Ill try to do my homework as fast as possible... but knowing me, ill just save it for later :p lol. Thanks for reading guys. Peace.

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Zionna said...

thank u 4 following me so much im following right now that love ure blog and break up is my song. i luv song

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