Thursday, July 16, 2009

To: My few followers LOL

Just letting my few followers know, lol, that ill be going to miami for awhile.. just for the weekend. Wont be too long. So im not sure if ill be able to post while im down there; ill definitely try to though. Hopefully i can. Im leaving in about 4 hours, around 2 pm. Im staying at a place called The Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort & Club. Never been there before, but ive heard its nice so im kinda excited. I really wanna go to Aventura Mall while im down there.. i heard its the 5th biggest mall in the U.S., so im really excited for that so i can shop alot and probably find some stuff that i cant find where i live :). But anyways, ill try to do everything i can to post. Especially, cause i dont wanna miss out on the things that i love (which is everything i put up), so thatll inspire me to work harder at getting a computer in my hands lol. Well im gonna go now, so peace.

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3ric said...

you have a pretty sick blog
follow me and I'll follow you!

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