Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nike SB Yellow Lobsters?

So i been hearing stuff bout a new edition to the lobster collection from nike SB... yellow lobsters. First there was red, then blue, now supposely yellow? I guess theyre real cus ive seen pics of them and plenty of websites are talkin bout it now. Have you seen em too? lol. Anyways, these shoes look decent to me, i dont know if would get them or not. Probably yes so i could sell them if they become big and worth alot of money. I dont know any release date yet... but who knows, ill probably find out soon. Give me your opinion on these and tell me if u would get them. Thanks, peace.


matt said...

Yo dude this blog is nice i saw your blog through Diggy Simon's blog and it lookin real good.
Im always down to check out a blog that is dedicated to clothing, foot wear, and whats hot.
But anyways im really tryin to get my blog out there like every on else but this sites real nice bro keep it comin

Gi0718 said...

yo this shit goes madd hard!! Keep it up

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