Friday, October 30, 2009

Take the Pain Away

Game - Better Days

Love this new song by Game. THIS is what i call real music, not about "bitches, hoes, killin people, etc.", just expressing what he's feeling right now. This is the type of jam id like to listen every hard time im goin through. Shit, this join is so hot to me, i might even put it as my next blog song haha. Hope this is on Game's new album "The R.E.D. Album" coming December 8th. Ill throw in the download link for you guys on this same post later if i can find one, ill put it at the bottom. Oh, just incase yall are wondering why im saying "Game" instead of "The Game", he changed his name to just "Game"... dropped "The" lol. Heres the video where he talks about it...

So yea, cant wait. I know i havent posted in like A WEEK guys! But I been kinda busy lately, my practice officialy started this week, so i dont get home till 6. And i had to do a project so thats another problem. Just tryna fit some room in there for my blog. Ill try to keep up more. Hope everyone still likes the blog. Be safe tomorrow for HALLOWEEN, i am definitely gonna have a blast, no doubt. Aight everyone, be safe, have fun, peace.

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