Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quick Flashback

WASSSUPPP EVERYONE?! haha. Ya know, just kinda bored right now, got school tommorow, tryna finish up homework :/ gees school can really get in the way sometimes huh?? lol. But, how was everyones weekend? Good, bad, so-so? lol. Mine was alright. Just tryna find somethin new to talk bout on this blog sooo, just thot I'd make a "flashback" post since i cant really find anything to post right now haha. Soooo yea, whatsup with you guys lol. Oh yea, I WANT MORE FOLLOWERS GUYS! I hate whenever i see people who started in like the same month as me, and have like over 150 followers! Like WTF?? Am i not putting in enough effort? PLEASE tell me what to do, i guess i needa go around and comment other peoples blogs? But, that seems too long :[ I hate working lol. Just spread ANY word for me if you can guys, i would REALLY APPRECIATE it, and if i see you tried to promote my blog somewhere, then ill promote yours on mine too :D deal? Deal. lol. And if anyone wants to hit me up on AIM, its pj4lyfe618. Yeaaa i know its gay, i made it when i was like 11 so idk what i was thinking lol.
Continuing, my day was good. Along with my weekend, went to a carwash Saturday morning for my schools wrestling team - i play wrestling AND soccer lol. Damn, i shouldve taken pics.. but my friends mightve thot i was wierd so forget it lol. I WITNESSED MY FIRST CAR ACCIDENT XD SMOKE AND EVERYTHING!! lol. It was intense. Hope itll never happen to me though haha. How was everyones weekend? School... going good? OKKK, ima stop now and go do my homework lol.
One last thing, remember my AIM is pj4lyfe618. If you have a twitter page, follow me and ill follow you back lol.
CLICK HERE FOR MY TWITTER PAGE! And ONE MORE LAST THING, does my new song sound good to yall? Sounds good to me :] haha.
Hope everyones good. See yall on my next post lol, PEACE!

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Neesh B Fly said...

Hey you...cute pic okay i see you want help i got you i'LL put you on my i check em out -blog roll and put you on one of my posts to tell people to check you out. aye you should add me to your aim buddy list: neeshbfly..yeah and i like the song

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