Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 VMA's = CRAZY!!!

Okay. First off, KANYE IS DUMB AS HELLLL! lol, I LOVE Kanye along with his music, but Im just saying... KANYE KINDA JUST SCREWED HIMSELF RIGHT HERE! Everyone was "booing" him the rest of the night! lol. Poor Taylor, it upsets me to know that Kanye's grown ass goes up there and embarasses the girl. JUST WATCH!

THEN, thank God for BEYONCE. She just raised everyone's spirits, and brought Taylor out, and let her had her shine.

Although Kanye made such a disrespectful outburst, he did apologize later that night.What do yall think bout this? Leave a comment and let me know XD.

After all this, i was LMAO at Lady GaGa's outfits for the night. Like seriously, THIS LADY ON SOME OTHA SHIT! LMAO. She musta been drunk when she came out with this 2nd outfit for the night:
I mean, cmon Lady GaGa. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! At first, I thot this thing was a fucking statue. Next thing you know, I see this mofo walkin on the stage! lol. Look at the look on Eminem's face! He's like "WTF is this bitch doin? She must be high" lmao. Leave opinions please =D!


Zionna said...

im actually a huge fan of lady gaga i think she's unique and i luv her for that. i luv all her music but even when my mom was wacthin the vma's she was like "What the heck is wrong with lady gaga" and then i said nuthin she's just a normal human bean who likes to dress different she makes good music she's sellin records she makin millions off of ringtones so ure gonna really judge someone because of there style nah thats not cool.

keep the good work on ure blog, ight peace

kidpaul said...

Zionna; i understand but, all im saying was that she was lookin a lil crazy there lol

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