Monday, January 18, 2010

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Milan Fashion Week | Gianfranco Ferré - Fall 2010

Date: January 17, 2010
Location: Milan

The Vibe for Fall 2010: Meet the new Ferré, not at all the same as the old Ferré. A world now as punk as it is luxurious. Bondage-strapped motorcycle boots, billowy black-leather trousers, and dizzying plaid-on-plaid-on-plaid suit-and-tie combos. Oh, and lots of fur, too—vests, wraps, and a certain floor-length sleeveless coat (cape?) that Dr. Zaius might like to get his hands on.


Designer: Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi
Owned By: IT Holdings
Founded: 1982
History: In his own day, the late Gianfranco Ferré was called the Frank Lloyd Wright of fashion. Aquilano and Rimondi, the latest designers to bear his mantle, pay tribute to the master tailor's architectural vision with sculptural suiting, strong silhouettes, and wild knits. (They've also inherited his predilection for fabric research, turning out pieces in rubberized suede and neoprene-d leather.) That makes for a flashy collection, but the Ferré guy—like Ferré himself—was never much of a wallflower.
The Look: Italo-disco, seventies style.

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