Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Remember... opportunities are SELDOM, PERFECT!

So i haven't posted in a while.. almost has been a month. Ya know, it actually does feel kinda strange not coming on here everyday anymore, but it also feels kinda good cause i was addicted to this thing lol. Sometimes im like "oh s***! I gotta catch up on all the fashion & music I've been missing!" haha. But i just wanted to stop by.. maybe see how everyone is doing!? Especially in this cold weather.. i hate it lol.
Also just dropping by to remind everyone of this AMAZING commercial i LOVE of retired NFL running back, Tiki Barber.
It was a Super Bowl ad for Cadillac back in 2007 i think. Anyways, just watch!

"One of the great things I think I've been able to do in my life is seize opportunities. I wasn't even a starter. Um, the guy in front of me got hurt, and I had a chance and I took that chance, and had a big day, and I was a starter ever since and so.. Opportunities are seldom, perfect, but I've learned that if you're not ready for them, they may not come again."


Riot!eous said...

hey nice to see you on here again

sam said...

just want 2 say the blog is dope and 2 keep up the good work. check out streetwearcouture.blogspot.com and let us no wat u think. maybe cop a shirt lol thank u

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